Alternative Applications
    Re-Admit Application  

This application is only for previous non dual credit students. If you took dual credit courses at AC while attending high school and have now graduated, please fill out the new student application above. 

    Dual Credit HS Application  

This application is only for students who are still enrolled in high school and are taking courses for dual credit.  If you are new to Angelina College or you were a Dual Credit student and have since graduated, you must fill out the new student application above.

    Provisional Application  

This application is for students whose education has been interrupted by being placed on academic suspension at another college. Please only fill this application out if you are currently on academic suspension at a college, and wish to continue your education. Enrollment at Angelina College is not guaranteed. 

    Transient Application  

This Transient application is for students who are wanting to take one to two courses during the summer or December Mini semesters to transfer back to their primary institution.  Students applying as transient applicants are consider non-degree seeking at Angelina College.